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People online struggling,rising and down, most of thenm finally failed, and then are afraid to invest anything. They stop theirselves there in the dark of failure. A few of them stand out, they are actrally not smarter than the others instead they are customered in thinking, judgment and keep investment even if risky, which is the line to divide the failed group and successful ones.

Do trade, virtually no national boundaries, we are here called foreign trade, it seems very professional, in fact, in most countries, there is no such a concept, because they have always been in global trading, especially on the internet, even without the existence of this the concept. Everyone one online, do business, is acturally an international trade and I myself has done the same for 19 years.

For this China consumer email list, mostly are family e-mail and bussinessmen emails, I spent 6 year to dig it out. I take it as a typically gold resource. Rates of return is very high. Americans take their email account very important. It is absolutely a treasure for you to directly market China,no matter what you intend to sell.

One thing you mostly don't know is there is no any an email Act in China. Which is quite good for you to use email list to market into China. Also which means you can blast China users with this huge email list in any way as you like. Fear nothing of law issues possibley.



230 million china email list


230 million china email list



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