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Great Lakes (the Great Lakes) is located in Canada and the United States at the junction of several large freshwater lake park, descending by area were: Lake Superior (Lake Superior), Lake Huron (Lake Huron), Lake Michigan (Lake Michigan), Lake Erie (Lake Erie) and Lake Ontario (Lake Ontario). In addition to Lake Michigan, part of the United States, the other four lakes in Canada and the United States total.Great Lakes, which is composed of five lakes in the world 's largest fresh water, with a total area of 245,660 square kilometers, has a North American Merranean said.
Chinese name
Great Lakes
Foreign Name
The Great Lakes
Canada and the United States at the junction
The total area
245,660 square kilometersTable of Contents
An Overview
▪ Lake Superior
▪ Huron
▪ Lake Michigan
▪ Lake Erie
▪ Ontario
▪ Other secondary lakes
4natural features
▪ terrain data
▪ astronomical climate
5lake ecosystem
▪ plankton
▪ fish biomass
6Human Development
▪ historical conditions
▪ Agriculture Forestry
▪ Industrial Transportation
▪ recreational fisheries
▪ Economic Education
7human impact
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Great Lakes

In Canada and the United States at the junction, there are five Great Lakes, which is the world-famous five largest freshwater lakes.They were by the size of Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan,Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Great Lakes total area of about 245,660 square kilometers, is theworld 's largest freshwater. Also the largest freshwater lake in the group, there is the American continent Merranean said. Great Lakes basin is about 766,100 km, extending nearly 1,110 kilometers from north to south, about 1400 km from the Superior Kosei end to the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Lake roughly, into the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the west. In addition to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron plane are equal, but each in turn decrease the height of the water surface. And in addition to Lake Michigan are outside the United States and Canada total. Lake Superior which is the world's largest freshwater lake.

Great Lakes began about one million years ago, glacial activity of the final product. Great Lakes is located repeatedly expanded year by glacial activity in the valley. Ground will have a lot of ice down the valley. Great Lakes is now the late Pleistocene in the region have formed the final stage of many lakes.

Great Lakes is the general term of five connected lakes between the United States and Canada, they were from the west to east of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.Great Lakes basin mainly by glacial erosion from the plane. Quaternary Ice Age, the Great Lakes region near Labrador and基瓦丁continental glacier center, 2,400 m thick ice sheet erosion of the strong, the original low-lying valley of soft rock glaciers planing erosion gradually being expanded and into today's lake. When the continental glacier retreat when, ice accumulation in glacial depressions, and they form the Great Lakes


Sectional view of the Great Lakes

Lake Superior
Lake Superior (Lake Superior) is North America 's most northwest and one of the largest of the Great Lakes
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Lake Superior

Lake northeast of Canada, to the southwest of the United States. 616 km east to west lake, 257 kilometers from north to south at its widest point, the lake with an average elevation 180 meters, an area of 82,103 square kilometers of water, maximum depth 405 m.Storage capacity of 12,000 cubic kilometers. There are nearly 200 rivers flow into the lake, to Nipigon and St. Louis River is the largest.Lake in the main islands Royal Island (U.S. National Park one), Awa Apostle Islands, michipicoten Island and St. Iraq Nias. Multi woodland lake, beautiful scenery and sparsely populated. Superior lake water is clear, the lake and more storms, Lakes cold winter and cool in summer. Seasonal hunting and fishing and tourism for the local entertainment industry major projects. Contains a variety of minerals. There are many natural harbors and artificial harbor. The main port of Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Taco Bennett, Duluth, Marquette, etc. Navigable all year period of eight months. The lake is 1622 French explorers found the lake were taken from the French, meaning " the lake. "
Lake Huron (Lake Huron) for the Great Lakes in the second of the Great Lakes. It extends from northwest to southeast, 331 km long, 163 km at its widest point. Lake area of 59,570 square kilometers.There are Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and numerous rivers into. From the southern end of the lake intoDetroit next to Lake St Clair. Lake elevation of 176 meters, the maximum depth of 229 meters. Northeast of many islands. The main economic activities Lakes logging industry and fisheries. Multi lake resort. Early April to late 12 navigable season, a major port in Bay City, Rockport, Roger of the city, Sarnia, Alpena and so on. Lake Huron is the first Europeans to discover the lake, were the source of Huron Indians.
Lake Michigan
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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan (Lake Michigan), also known as Lake Michigan, is the North American Great Lakes area ranks third in the only all belong to the American lakes. Hubei Department and Huron interlinked, north to south and 517 km, 190 km at its widest point, the lake area of nearly 120,000 square kilometers, 57,757 square kilometers of water area, lake elevation of 177 meters, the deepest 281 meters, with an average depth of 84 meters, the lake volume 4875 cubic kilometers, 2,100 km long shoreline. About 100 river into which many northern islands toBeaver Island is the largest. Wave erosion along the lake shore lake formed cliffs, dunes many East Coast, especially in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and State Park is the most famous. Lake mild climate, most banks of the shelters. East coast of the fruit producing quite a name, and more twists and turns north shore harbor, lake and more trout, salmon, fishing industry to thrive.The southern end of Chicago is an important industrial city, and Gary, Muskegon, Green Bay, Milwaukee,Grand Rapids, Travis and many other ports. Mid-December to mid-April next year harbor ice, sailing blocked, but all the little lake frozen all year round between several ports the ferry exchanges.
Lake Erie
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Lake Erie

Lake Erie (Lake Erie) is the fourth largest lake in the Great Lakes of North America, east, west, south of the United States, north to Canada. Lake area 25,667 square kilometers. Was northeast - southwest direction, 388 kilometers long, 92 kilometers at its widest point, the lake elevation of 174 meters, with an average depth of 18 meters, the deepest 64 meters, is the most shallow of a Great Lakes shoreline total length of 1200 km. Detroit River, Huron River, the Rio Grande into which many rivers, from the eastern end of the lake through the Niagara River discharge. Concentrated in the western end of the lake island to Canada's Pelee Island is the largest. There northwestern shore of Point Pelee National Park (Canada). The main port of the United States of Buffalo, Erie, Cleveland, Ashtabula, Toledo and so on. Has resulted in many industrial areas along the lake lakeside resort closed in the late 1970s of the last century of environmental damagecontrol.
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Lake Ontario (Lake Ontario) is the most eastern Great Lakes and the smallest one, north of Canada, South America, roughly elliptical, the main axis from east to west 311 km, maximum width of 85 km.Surface of about 19,554 square kilometers, with an average depth of 86 meters, the deepest 244 meters, storage capacity of 1688 cubic kilometers. There Niagara, Genesee, Oswego, Blake and Trent River, the Welland Canal and the Niagara River and Lake Erie connection.The famous Niagara Falls on Lake Erie access, under irrigation Ontario, two lakes drop 99 meters. Inflow of water from the eastern end of the St. Lawrence River. Lake Ontario north to the agricultural plains, industry concentrated in the port city of St. Catharines , Toronto, Rochester, Kingston and so on. Harbour every year from December to April is not navigable.
Other secondary lakes
In addition to the five Great Lakes region of the Great Lakes, there are many smaller secondary lakes.The more important include Nipigon Lake (Lake Nipigon), St. Clair Lake (Lake St Clair), Lake Simcoe (Lake Simcoe), Nipissing Lake (Lake Nipissing), Lake George (Lake George), Vinny Beige lake (Lake Winnebago), and so on.
4natural features
Terrain data
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Great Lakes and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Roughly from west of the Great Lakes, into the east Atlantic. In addition to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, the elevation of each lake individually reduced, resulting in gradually accelerated flow rate.

Around Lake Superior, for Ontario, on the peninsula of Michigan,Wisconsin and Minnesota, is the northernmost and most West Lake, visible for the river source. The average depth of 148 meters (487 feet), is the deepest lake elevation of 183 meters (600 feet), through St. Marys River into Lake Huron, the average flow 2,141 cubic meters / second (75,600 cubic feet / second).
Lake Michigan is located in Superior Hunan Department, surrounded by the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The average depth of 84 meters (276 feet). The average surface elevation 176 meters (579 feet), by Mackinac waterways (StraitsofMackinac) north of Lake Huron injection, the average flow 1,353 cubic meters / sec.
Huron is slightly larger than the Lake Michigan, located at equal altitudes. But the average depth of only 59 meters (195 feet). Strait Ontario and Michigan. By St. Clair River (St.ClairRiver), Lake St. Clairshallow basin of Lake Erie and the Detroit River into an average flow of 5,120 cubic meters / sec.
Lake Erie neighboring Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and southern Michigan. The average depth of 19 meters (62 feet) for the Great Lakes is the most shallow person. Tilt lake from west to east, the west end of seven meters (24 feet) deep, the eastern end of 64 meters (210 feet) deep. Elevation of 174 meters (570 feet), outflows average 5,717 cubic meters / sec. Niagara River waterway for water in Niagara Falls suddenly discharged, and then to Lake Ontario.
Ontario, the smallest in the water system. However, the average depth in second place, is 86 meters (283 feet). Located between Ontario and New York State, altitude 75 meters (245 feet), inflow of the St. Lawrence River, the average flow of 6,849 cubic meters / sec.Astronomical climate
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Great Lakes

Great Lakes water ultimately comes from precipitation, precipitation increased gradually from west to east. Sue will be slightly Lakes average annual rainfall 760 mm, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan 787 mm 864 mm Lakes Erie, Ontario lake is 914 mm. Annual precipitation is 65% ~ 85% evaporates, Lake Erie evaporation largest (most from Huron Lake Erie Lake). Lake Superior portion of the water by Long Lake - Ogoki River (LongLake-OgokiRiver) diverted fromHudson Bay to provide water system. Part of the water of Lake Michigan through Chicago sanitation and navigation canal outflow.

Great Lakes on the surrounding area has a great gentle climate action. Absorb large amounts of water in the warm months the heat, and then released into the atmosphere in the coldest go. Thus making summer cooler winter warmer. Each eastern shore of Lake precipitation were significantly higher, resulting in a snow belt, so Erie, Pennsylvania, New York's Buffalo and similar location city inconvenience. On the lake sometimes cold winds, especially in the autumn to early winter more. Winds can reach 7 to 9, blowing three meters (10 feet) or higher waves. Large water freezes in winter, but in the middle of the lake is usually a small piece of ice-free water.
5lake ecosystem
Diatoms (with glassy silicon shell tiny algae ) as the main algae. However, the summer in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan in green algae and blue-green algae is also very rich. Small crustaceans in copepods and Cladocera is important plankton animals
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Class. On the lake in the spring months in the plankton of the most prosperous, and the number of the next lake and a few productive areas on the lake, up to twice the peak in spring and autumn. Underwater creatures living in shallow water is the same with most small lakes of various snails,clams, worms, mayfly and caddis. But in deep water is not the case, only the latitude colder deep water lake creature will be found in this, including delicious mysid shrimp, deep water flea (a kind of crustacean), two kinds of copepods and deepwater sculpin ( A spiny bullhead). During the 1980s, two non-native crustaceans - daphnia and striped shellfish stab into the lake and the large population, has been on the local animals pose a threat to the food web, striped shellfish will be blocked into the pump, cover fish spawning reefs and sticky dirt hull, thus repulsive.
Fish biomass
North America, most of the fish in the Great Lakes and their tributaries in both discovery. Lake trout ,whitefish and whitefish big mouth has always been important to fish the lake, and in the warmer shallow water, perch, zander, Pakistani Secretary fish and catfish are abundant. The number of fish has changed a lot in the past 100 years. During 1880, pollution and damming tributaries has resulted in Atlantic salmongenocide, whitefish are also greatly reduced. Meanwhile, sturgeon are artificially overfishing, carp were introduced. Silver fish entering Lake Michigan in 1927, and soon distributed to the entire lake. Carnivorous sea lamprey in the 1930s into the lake and here reproduce, resulting in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan in Lake trout almost extinct in the early 1950s.

Other large predatory fish but also because of the emergence of the sea lamprey and greatly reduced.As a result, alewife between 1931 ~ 1954 into the lake when almost no competition and devour the aftermath quickly became the largest number of fish. But alewife no commercial value, and there will be millions of dead fish washed up on the beach rancid, it takes a lot of money to clear from time to time. An international cooperation to control sea lamprey makes this fish greatly reduced, to the period of the 1960s, sea lamprey appears to have been controlled, people re-introduction of lake trout. There are introduced coho salmon andchinook salmon, two fish were used to provide fish for people fishing and control alewife. Another small fish imported plum perch, this fish eating local fish eggs survive.

sell china water from great lakes water level

Herring gull and ring mouth gulls and terns are the most common birds, the island is an important nesting place for them in the. Cockle Pochard and long-tailed ducks and the Great Lakes as an important wintering ground. A variety of shorebirds and songbirds will fly through in spring and autumn when moved here. Many places along the lake shoreline, such as Point Pelee Lake Erie (PointPelee, Ontario, Canada ), are a good place for birdwatching.
6Human Development
Historical conditions
Early in the Great Lakes intriguing because it provides convenient access to the mainland hinterland.Soon people recognize the value of the region's vast forests and fertile land, so logging and agriculture become important. Found that a large coal and iron, copper, limestone and other deposits along or near the lakeshore area long. These rich resources coupled with plenty of water around the Great Lakes to promote the development of naturally played a huge industry and a huge metropolitan area. Today, the population continues to grow, we can predict that large cities will eventually from Wisconsin Milwaukee continues to expand and Chicago, Illinois, bypassing Michigan Lake Shore, through Michigan to Detroit, but also extend along the southern shore of Lake Erie, and Toronto will be the north shore of Lake Ontario - Hamilton area include account.

sell china water from great lakesbeaches
Agriculture Forestry
 Although 1910 has original pine deforested, but forest nurturing attention, and get the federal government and state government support. About half of American lake county land for farming, the county land 1/3 of the neighboring Canadian agriculture. The main crops are corn, soybeans, livestock feed, as well as fruits and vegetables, but also the production of pork and dairy products. Great Lakes water provides great significance to the industry and cities along the lake. There hydroelectric power station on the St. Marys River, Niagara River and the St. Lawrence River. Numerous power plants around the lake and nuclear power plants are major water users, as they put water cooling.

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Industrial Transportation
Great Lakes commercial fishing was a major industry, but reduce the number of profitable fisheries species cause a recession. However, a small amount of commercial fishing continues, mainly whitefish and other species. The focus has shifted to recreational fishing. Great Lakes has incalculable value in a wide range of recreational activities. Motorboat sports and sailing has become a popular activity, has built many boats stops. There are several miles of each lake lakeshore beaches. Some states, provinces and some federal and county land offers some hundreds camping, picnic and park area, prompting tourism flourish.sell china water from great lake scenery 2

Recreational fisheries

Great Lakes commercial fishing was a major industry, but reduce the number of profitable fisheries species cause a recession. However, a small amount of commercial fishing continues, mainly whitefish and other species. The focus has shifted to recreational fishing. Great Lakes has incalculable value in a wide range of recreational activities. Motorboat sports and sailing has become a popular activity, has built many boats stops. There are several miles of each lake lakeshore beaches. Some states, provinces and some federal and county land offers some hundreds camping, picnic and park area, prompting tourism flourish.

Economic Education
Great Lakes is a famous old industrial areas, Detroit, Buffalo and other cities were once regional economic center. But after the United States entered the post-industrial, the city began to decline, a lot of their emigration, many retired people go to Florida, Texas and other "Sun Belt." In particular, Detroit has become a city on the verge of being abandoned. Higher Education in the Great Lakes region has good prospects for development. Although the overall intensity of less prestigious New England region, the Mid-Atlantic region and California, but also far ahead of other regions. For example, University of Chicago,University of Michigan, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota ,University of Notre Dame, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and other world-class elite belong to the Great Lakes region.
Human Influence
A number of human activities on the Great Lakes often conflicting use. For example, the shipping industry and hydroelectric industries require high water, and high water levels along the landlord believes aggravated lakeshore erosion. Improper use of the Great Lakes has been very clear, due to pollution and increasing the number of beaches closed after 1950, probably the most obvious example. But toxic substances in wild animals (mainly fish and fish-eating birds) accumulate in the body of the note is not easily, but it is a more serious problem. Is now generally recognized that pollution can directly or indirectly affect all of the use - will raise the cost of water purification, killing valuable fish species or to other species can not eat, adversely affect the value of tourism and coastal industries. Since the 1970s, the relevant authorities in Canada and the United States has taken an important joint action to control pollution, and water quality has improved, some fish has been restored. 

Great Lakes is North America 's largest natural wonders, it is the world 's largest population on the lake, is the world's largest fresh water body. People can not understand is, a piece of land could hold such a largefreshwater lake in the group, after the ship pulled out, can not see the shore, you can always sail more than a day, and even sank in rough waves. The Great Lakes region has Bruce Peninsula National Park and the Royal Island National Park as well as many national parks with the same level of national forest, National Lakeshore and National Recreation Area. In addition, state and county parks established numerous. The main attractions are Northern Michigan, Niagara Falls, Erie Canal, 31 highway, Travis City, maki ng Island and so on.