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I Will Make You A Sales Page In Chinese For Your Products And Rank Your Keyword Front Page On Google



China Sales PggeA China sales page is as your cash-machine that autmated runs to collect orders from China.

Breaking into China market with 300 dollars of investment

Breaking into China market with Only 300 dollars of investment.


Rank your keyword Google Top 10Rank your keyword Google Top 10 within 3 days.

Rank your keyword Google Top 10Wait for cash from China buyers flowing into your Paypal account.





If you are looking for Chinese online sales site like Amazon or Ebay on which you want to put your offers to Chinese or just increase your sales via entering into the new marketplace, unfortunately there is no such a Chinese sales website that can help you because any China sales site requires China citizen identity and China bank account for registration. The most outstanding practice is to set up your own China sales page on your own website or rent some other's. This is your best China sales solution, a page like a Chinese sales agent that automated turn your offers into cash flow. A Chinese sales website, a mini single page site or a sales page under a website for your China sales is always a making-buck machine passively. For marketing China it's like wine better than any program or promotion method. If you are wonder how to How to market china, how to internet market in china or how to enter market in china, or how to enter Into China market, a China sales page is the right answer.

Double Your Traffic And Sales

It is not a secret for many online marketer to gain much by rolling out into China.

I Will Make You A Sales Page In Chinese For Your Products And Rank Your Keyword Top 1 On Google

–Nickle Farris

Chinese people speak Chinese and most of them do not speak Enlgish both on the street and online..

This is why you need a sales page for your prodcuct in Chinese.

Howevere any web page on any website is amlost nothing if not ranking on Google for its targeted keyword.

The Money Is In The List

Jason's stats

Above is an old snapshot for one of my client from USA for the revenue from his Chinsee sales page.

Did you ever roll out into China online market? If not, it's your loss,however it is not too late to start up right now. So many world's top rich families are browsing and searching the internet for their wanted items. Chinese people like shopping online than any oher countries. This is why Taobao becomes wold's top 1 online marketplace and left behind Ebay and Amazon soon within just 1 years.


Cheapest and Most Powerful Marketing China Package!

I didn't find there is another marketing China package as cheap and powerful as this one of mine. Desinge and set up a Chinese sales page for100 dollars and gurantee ranking its keyword for 200 dollars.

You need not invest SEO, I do SEO for the page.

You need not buy domain,buy hosting, and invest on website building. I will host your page on my own website if you don't have one.

You also need not wait for monthes even years for the keyword ranking. I will

Rank Your Keyword On Google Within 3 Days

So Instant money will roll into your bank account from China users.

If you know something about SEO, you should know it has never been easy and is really really time-consuming project for any webmaster,company, online marketer. It is a common knowlege to wait for months and even years for a competitive keyword ranking on Google, not mentioning investment money on it.

But I am differnt. I have been in SEO for 13 years and have developed my private secrect methods to dominate Google. This is why you can enjoy the fatest keyword ranking results.

China Buyers Arousing The World

There is a book selling on Amazon and Google Book,titled Is China Buying the Wokrd? by Peter Nolan, which shows readers that acutally China already become the first purchase driving force amonest all the contries.

If you ever ignored the world's first purchase force, don't miss it once again now. If you don't know the fact it is not too late to update your knowlege right now.

You might have known the reason why those guys got riched online screctly and you are still broken from online market. They just gained from China!

One of my clients from Canda who had sold short body increase pill worldwide for 30,000 dollars of revenue per year before he came to me.

After I set up a Chinese sales page and ranked its keyword,he gained 50,000 dollars in 33 days!

He experiencied the magic power of China purchase, was astonished.

China has 1,300 million peopulation.

Average spare money for adult Chinese is 0.7 million USD.

99.9% China families have only one Child.

99% family members are online and 87% of them ever bought products online from Taobao(

Biggest volume of world's riches and rich family are in China.

Chinese sales page and keyword ranking on google Biggest Billon rich volume are Chinese in China

A half of world's luxary products were bought by Chinese.

If you are still hasted if investing this gig to expand your online business into China. See below:

Sending 10,000 Target Visitors Included

Not only a Chinese sales page and keyword ranking on Google, but also I will send your 10,000 target customers to visit your sales page.



I will promote your sales page accross whole China social network to drive your some basic target custustomers to visit your sales page.

I will make a video and uplaod to China major video sites to promote your sales page!

How to find fresh coupons each month to keep raking in free advertising!

I will post your sales page information on key China niche forrums to promote your sales page!

I will post your sales page information on your niche blog network!

China promotionI will social share your product on the sales page to China photo share network!

China promotion I will twitter your product on the sales page on China's twitter known as Weibo!

China promotion I will make a blog on China key social blog site Sina to promote your products!

China promotion I will bookmark your sales page on main China bookmark sites!

China promotion I will submit your sales page to China yellow page website!

China promotion I will submit your sales page to 36 main China search engines!

China promotion I will submit your sales page to China directory sites!

China promotion I will submit your sales page to China article sites!

China promotion I will send your sales page information to my own email list!


Like an all-in-one marketing China package? Quite right. It is so! This is because I have to do such a big number of works so as to send your keyword to Google top, otherwise, how your keyword can rank on Google front page?

What's the Results of above works besides keyword ranking on Google? Gurantee 10,000 visitors to the sales page as the basic traffic driving outside of Google later.

If you didn't see the visits(using Google Analytics or other the third party tool or I will show you one) reached 10,000,please ask me to return your money any time in minutes!

Awesome Professional Sales Letter

Rather Than A Perfect One

I am not good at English, yet, am very very good in Chinese, because acutally I was a newspaper reporter and editor and a book editor saved for a national press house when I was young. So the Chinese sales letter is of OUTSTANDING one rather than a commonm perfect one deeply in both Chinese culture and marketing rules.

I am sure you can't hire a prrofessional sales letter writer to work out a sales later as good as the one I will write for you for the payment of 300 dollars.

Not mentioning design of webpage, edition of webpage,hosting your webpage, keyword ranking, promotion...included in this gig.

As a top Chinese writer ever your sales letter will be in:

Top book-writer's level Chinese language and is based deep Chinese culture rather than just fluent Chinese!

Standard professional sales letter to catch customers' feelings strongly!

Put your product under the radar in multiple angles to maxuim your profit from the product sales!

Smart and cool to attract Chinese users!

And more!


Turn Your Sales Page To A

Passive Money Generating Page

What Is A Sales Page And What Is A Perfect One?

A sales page is not a common webpage. It is, as matter of fact, a cash turner that turn customers to your cash flow into your bank account.

A perfect one is like a perpetual motion machine that sits there on some website to generate and turn money to your account passively long-term. You need not to manage it at all after investment first time. It auto flights to attract customers and then turn to them to pay for your offer, like a cash-generating auto-line.

Should you know not what a sales page is up to now it's a pity for you lost the most powerful method to make cash on the internet. Merely in a single website Clickbank it includes billion of sales page almost in any niche set up by people to gain money for themselves. They know well nothing is better than a sales page for making money online with any product.

I may say SALES PAGE is one of the most successful practice and formulas to make money online, and is also the kept secret for many billionaires that made money on the internet.

However many still do not enter into China market using their English sales page. They are missing perhaps a half of profit.


Dead Sales Page Or

Active Autopilot Sales Page

What even most SEO insiders misunderstand the fact of Google algorithm and sales page, particularly single page sales page. They might think that Google dislike sales page because they saw a big number of sales page website have never even been indexed by Google, not to mention keyword ranking. That's not true. Actually the fact is for a sales page that is not promoted with SEO, it has no rank and those on weak domain with only the sales page and without any other information within the site it's possible even not to be indexed by Google.

For me, any single sales page has been indexed and ranked. That's a number, says, hundreds and thousands.

However it is really a fact that a sales page on in a weak domain without any other webpages except the sales page is hard to rank on Google. This means:

sales page for china marketingMany sales page actually is a DEAD PAGE!

sales page for china marketingWill not be indexed by Google!

sales page for china marketingNo a keyword will be ranked forever!

sales page for china marketingThen no traffic, thern no a visitor coming!

So I call it as a DEAD SALES PAGE!

I guess tones of online marketers have already experienced the hard fact that they ever have set up their sales pages, yet, have never received good traffic and visitors, then no money generated.

Then they tried to figure out a way to rush out of the dead house of their sales page-the MONEY PAGE, they heard the Clickbank mentioned by someone or from an article ever read in a website. They rushed there. After viewed the ads and some information on the site, they decided to sign up there and put their sales page there as an affiliate merchant of Clickbank. Some got big success, but some lost because affiliate members mostly are newbie of internet promotion technology. Their sales page are there, but a dead sales page, nobody visits, sure no income.

It's easy to understand any webpage including sales page would be ACTIVE, would be visited by customers if its keyword ranks on Google.

I just rank the keyword of your sales page on Google!

When a sale page ranked, it has been turned to an Autopilot Money Page to generate cash-flow for you and you need do nothing but seeing your bank number increasing daily! The page is there, and is actively visited by people all the days, all the months and all the years!

So it is essential to turn sales page to be ACTIVE from its DEAD status, let it run. Once it starts running, it will run for years long.

When you see a sales page(money page) have been starting 19 years back and is still running, you just see a possible million rich guy from the single Sales Page. As I know there are tons of such guys with this kind of MONEY PAGE. It is not proper to publish a list of this kind of Sales Page here, however if you order my gig and want a list of SALES PAGE millionaires, just message me I will send you a list of this kind of PAGES!

sample chinese sales page (A sample of Chinese sales page. You can click above image to access to the live page there!)

basic traffic and visit view for chinese money page

(Its basic 37,769 visitors I sent before keyword ranked. You can click above image to access to the live page there!)

chinese sales page keyword ranking on google sample

(Its keyword ranking on Google snapshot. You can see it is not a easy keyword but rather competitive one, Google search result shows 24,500,000.)



But if you have already a sales page in English, you may ask me, could I just

Translate Your Sales Page Into Chinese
And Rank Its Keyword On Google

No problem, it is also included in this gig and the price is the same because translation rate is as the same as writing a new sales letter.

But if you don't want to set up a Chinese sales page, instead want you want is to just

Rank Your Sales Page on Google

No problem, it is also included in this gig and the price is the same because it is harder to rank an English keyword than that of a Chinese keyword. Only for this it's much vaulable. Did you anyone ever rank a competative keyword by just investment of merely 300 dollars?I don't think it's easy to find a SEO guy or company that gurantee you to rank your keyword for the sum, not mentioning ranking in a couple od days.

Acturally million of sales page runner businessmen have been always striving for keyword ranking on Google as the sole task because they know it means a sales page turning to active autopilot money generator and a passive cash-flow machine.

I just do the work for ones who already have sales page and want to rank their keywords on Google.

Further more,

Why China

Sales Page?

1.Sales page is really a eye-touching driving force for sales of any product!

2. Chinese people prefer buying on sales page rather than in an online shop!

3. All go the same way as you did for English sales page!

4. Most Chinese use Paypal!

5. English are popular as well in China as the second language!

6. Under my service you need not know anything of Chinese language, just send your offer to the customer after paid, whatever digital product or physical product!

7. Chinese people are accustomed to buy anything online.



For The One Who Has No A Website

Don't worry, if you don't have a website, I will make and host your offer's sales page on one of my own website for at least 7 years!

Actually a website or blog that contains more information usually would have visitors spilt away rather than placing order to you on a sales page.

You can sell anything, house, car rental for travelers, learning English e-book, hair cutting for people in Chinatown, used furniture, any kind of services...really anything.

Yes, Sales Page Is A

Passive Income Machine


You need not manage it at all. All what you do is to ship your offer after received order if need to ship. For digital product it's more benefits: It's almost full-automatic running. Customer can will lead to a download link automatically after payment. So literally what you need to do is really nothing.

Comparing to an online shop of your own site or selling on Ebay or Amazon or the kind, where you need watch over your order
all the days and months and years consuming almost all your time, a sales page is perhaps 1,000 times better than a shop.

It is there automatically running all the years after setup!

Generate cash for you all the years without more a penny investment!

7 years cash-flow to your pocket!

Nothing you need to do except shipping your offers to customers!

Nothing you need to do for digital product except watching your bank number increase!

sales pages feature-chinese sales pageFor digital product, what you need to is nothing but opening your Paypal account once a week to see if there are thousands of dollars already listed on your account!



Untapped China Network

It is still an untapped golden mine there China network some pioneers have already gained there and made themselves millionaires for a couple of years thought. But generally it is untapped because China is a giant country with 1,300 million population.

You may never have experienced what the benefits to enter into an untapped place to sell your offer! It's possible to turn you a millionaires or even billionaires overnight. Many already so!!!

Do you know Chinese people have used Paypal for 11 years(starting from Mar,2013.) What dose this mean? It means back to 13 years Chinese people can buy internationally online products over the world. Actually they did and did for 13 years although you don't know the fact up to now and you gave up this golden mine as default because you suppose Chinese people speak Chinese only and you don't know that language so you can't gain a penny there.

People usually say, well, my business is just locally. That's totally a misunderstanding. THE INTERNET IS NOTHING BUT GOGLABL LOCALLY, everything is under your mouse click. The limitation is ONLY in your mind, it's not true. Do you tones of houses in New York were bought by Chinese online? They placed orders after just viewed the images of the houses!!!

So, come to me, and come to the new world's hottest marketplace to refresh your income flow from the moment!!!

price original for chinese sales page


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