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Baidu is another thing far from Google in any aspect of SEO, however, I may say 99% SEO professional know not the fact.They simply try to seo Baidu using the method used for Google. Sure they come to failuer totally. For isntantce if you try to build backlinks for your website, whatever you do you would do nothing to Baidu's ranking. One year ago before 2013, Baidu took some backlinks on social websites, yet it soon later changed its algorithm and turn off the power from baclink from social sites...

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Translation of search engine optimization. seo optimization is designed using a search engine search rules to improve the current site in the relevant natural search engine rankings ways. The purpose is to understand SEO site offers eco-style self-marketing solution
 that allows the site to occupy in the industry -leading position to gain brand benefits.

In addition, SEO also includes the outer stations of both SEO and SEO station; 
SEO refers to in order to get more free from the search engine traffic from the site structure , content building programs, user interactive communication, page planning, rational point of view, to make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principles of behavior; make the site more suitable for search engines index is also known as the principle of search engine optimization , search engine optimization can not only improve SEO results, but also to make the site search engine displays information the user is more attractive .
Chinese name
Search Engine Optimization
Foreign Name
Search Engine Optimization
Outside the station and the station
Articles and pictures SEO Video SEO SEO
Get traffic, increase website ranking

1SEO features
2SEO definition
3SEO industry facts
4development history
5Related Terms
6link optimization
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? l=en&keyword selection
7Frequently Asked Questions
? l=en&Security Policy
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? l=en&Station SEO
8site rankings
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? l=en&negative factors
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9optimization steps
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? l=en&Strategy
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? l=en&Analysis
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11search method
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? l=en&SITE Search
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12tips to improve rankings
1SEO features
Full name SEO: Search Engine Optimization, namely search engine optimization , in order to illustrate what is the site for search engine optimization, webmasters take a look at the search engine optimization of websites which are not characterized by:
1, page uses a lot of pictures or Flash and other rich media (Rich Media) form, there is no text information can be retrieved, but the most basic is SEO SEO articles and pictures SEO;
2, page no title , or the title does not contain a valid keyword ;
3, the body of the page in an effective keyword relatively small (preferably natural and focus on distribution, no special stuffing keywords);
4, site navigation system allows search engines "read";
5, a large number of dynamic pages affect search engines;
6, has not been offered other search engines have been indexed websites link ;
7, the site flooded with spam messages to deceive search engines, such as " transition page ","doorway pages ", the color and the background color of the same text ;
8, the site is missing the original content, copying someone else's content, such as a hard copy.

2SEO definitionAbout seo, rigorous defined as follows: seo refers to understand search engine natural rankings on the basis of the mechanism for the site to adjust and optimize internal and external, to improve the website in the search engine keywords in the natural rankings , get more traffic and attract more target customers to achieve network marketing and brand building objectives. Search Engines principle is constant change, retrieve principle changes are a direct result of the website keyword ranking on the search engines change, so search engine optimization is not a once and for all.
At the level of consciousness, webmaster for SEO can be understood as the image: When a user entersa search engine , is like entering a huge library . Well, in this library there are a lot of classification, classification is divided into major categories (can be understood as bookshelves) small class (can be understood as the shelves above the grid) as well as specific to the smallest classification (contents of the book) - 
Long Tail Keywords.
In the library are adding new content every day inside, so a new site appears inside a classification equivalent to a new book appears. So the title of the book and the order in which it corresponds to the site of the 
TITLE and Description . But time if "others" (you can refer to the search engine) into the library to soak Pavilion find this book, though, is in this category, or a series of books, but some of the title of this book with the title of the book before exactly the same, it is sure to make readers misunderstand webmasters are copying someone else's book, so the original will affect webmasters rankings. So although the webmasters site is new, but in fact, at the beginning webmasters can not have a good ranking of. This seriously affects the future optimization.
Website Optimizer can help webmasters improve their web index , if webmasters link has been improved, continue to maintain a high quality backlinks to increase the number of maintenance and content owners who will continue to maintain the left or to improve rankings . Unless the late application of cheating way punished or stopped late maintenance. And if you stop the auction ads, website links also will instantly disappear. More than 95% of search engine users will give priority to the search engine results given routine, which most people only when the left will not be satisfied with the results to browse ads on the right.
According to the survey, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the information you need service, which among nearly 70% of searchers will find the information they need on the first page of search results directly to the natural rankings.
Auction ads in the ad to show the limited position, the results of the auction to make a large number of customers due to price reasons can not be ranked in the home, making it difficult to obtain a good part of the customer's use of effects through the auction ad.
3Baidu SEO Factors
Truly qualified SEO professionals too little for such a company to do the SEO professional people even less. Because doing SEO, to make their own website and give a formal do vary greatly. To make their own SEO, is probably what methods are used and the results are nothing uncontrollable, but a little bit of regular site, taking into account the long-term development, many methods are not used, and the need SEO results controllable. There is, to make a small website SEO methods and make a medium-sized site is not the same in many ways.
4development history
2000, appeared PPC (Pay-per-click) search engine advertising model.
2001, part of the classified directory (Chinese) start charging logged each site to pay the cost of a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per year ranging.
In 2002, it was involved in the domestic one after another SEO this area.
2003, appeared content-based targeted
2004, began to emerge domestic latent SEO, SEO team gradually grow. SEO market is chaotic, illegal operations, vicious competition in the state. Most SEO take individual workshops operations, the company of a small-scale operation. SEO training market was born.
2006, as the network market competition intensified, enterprises Networks and networking products being for a new understanding, companies began to rational treatment network marketing market, with the popularity of Baidu bidding, companies also recognize the importance of search engines , also accompanied the birth of a lot of SEO services company.
2007, with the popularity of Internet companies rose SEO information technology, some companies introduced Pay SEO service projects, from the construction site, to keyword optimize the full range of services targeted to the search engine, the overall SEM Internet Marketing the launch and implementation of the program.
2008, with the SEO service companies mature technologies and concepts, some companies introduced a site planning services, services to benefit the construction site (more emphasis on website user experience) and site conversion rate for the purpose of more emphasis on marketing effectiveness.
2009, SEO enter incandescence stage of development, whether it is individual, team or company or training institutions, both vigorously promote and use SEO techniques to operate the site, making the site faster keyword ranking and inclusion.
2012, SEO industry entered the adjustment, the original service model has been difficult to achieve win-win situation, many companies downsizing, some companies began to seek a new service model.
February 15, 2012, in the Baidu search SEO related words, the "Baidu prompts you: Do not believe the rhetoric and case SEO company, SEO may give undue risk of your site is recommended for the majority of owners sites SEO. Previously, reference reading Baidu's official website optimization guide. "This is considered to be Baidu hit an important measure of SEO.
March 8, 2012, when the search and SEO-related vocabulary, "Baidu prompts you to:. SEO is a very important job, please refer to Baidu's recommendations on SEO" This is considered to be under pressure to make Baidu A compromise is possible in order to avoid similar monopolies avoidance behavior, recognition of the existence and covert repression SEO SEO development.
May 2012, Baidu launched Baidu platform owners , webmasters platform release "Web2.0 Anti detailed Raiders" and "well-known site SEO Considerations", for rational optimization of the site, away from the cheating made ??some valuable suggestions.
June 2012, Baidu update anti-cheating strategy, a large area of the site is K, Baidu claimed that "measures for low-quality sites already in force," the lead webmaster Click Baidu bid jointly initiated a large-scale event! which due to the direct victims of this incident and the victim is the largest medical auction.
October 23, 2012, Baidu anti-cheating algorithms upgraded website hyperlink form to combat cheating ways, and trading links behavior. But by the actual survey found that the upgrade caused genuine participation in the phenomenon of cheating website is K minimal.
November 2012-December, Baidu launched a series of webmaster tools webmaster platform (keyword search, Baidu index volume, outside the chain analysis, site revision , etc.), a third-party webmaster tools by strong shocks.
February 19, 2013, Baidu launched Scindapsus algorithm to combat all hyperlinks intermediary
March 19, 2013, outside the chain refused beta version of the full liberalization of the use of tools
April 25, 2013 "On the outside the chain judgment," a paper published in the webmaster community, causing close attention SEO industry.
May 17, 2013 afternoon, Baidu Web Search anti-cheating team announced platform in Baidu Master said: The new algorithm will be officially launched "A week later pomegranate algorithm . " The new algorithm will focus on pre-consolidation contains a lot of bad impede normal user browsing a page advertising, particularly in the large number of low-quality pop pop ads , confusing body of the page content spam pages represented.
July 1, 2013, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm 2.0 update announcement, increase filtration soft paper outside the chain of efforts to increase the target site punishment for carrying publish soft paper sites appropriate punishment, reducing its search engine evaluation, while the news source for Baidu site to clean out the news source.   
July 19, 2013, Baidu Web search statement to combat anti-cheating team acquired a large number of secondary domain name or directory information at high prices, most are used for cheating, for such sale of second-level domain issue two directories will severe punishment, implicate to the entire site, direct shield and clean out the Baidu news source.   
5Related Terms
Make sure that the webmasters of site navigation ( site navigation ) are in html form link . There should be a wide range of interconnection between all the pages, to meet any page within the station can even arrive back home, if this is not possible, you can consider creating a site map .
Web site home page (home or index pages, etc.) should be used text form, rather than flash and so on.The text inside the webmasters to include targeted keywords or target phrase.
<Title> </ title> This is the title tag , which should contain the most important goal webmasters keywords.
<Keywords> </ keywords> This is the keyword tag
<Description> </ description> This is the description tag,
PR value algorithm
PR (A) = (PR (B) / L (B) + PR (C) /L(C)+PR(D)/L(D)+...+PR(N)/L(N)) q + 1-q
Among them, PR (A): refers to the pages of A Page rank PR value )
PR value algorithm
PR (B), PR (C) ... PR (N) indicates that the link page A page N's Page rank (PR). N is the total number of links, the links can be imported from any website links (backlinks).
L (N): N to a number of other web sites linked to (the number of pages N Export link)
q: damping , between 0-1, google is set to 0.85
Note: Some people will also say Baidu weights BR, in fact Baidu official said that simply do not "Baidu weight" the said. 
Station outside Strategy
1, classified summary of the policy
Today, the vast resources on the Internet, webmasters can follow some classified or categorized, and then make a list directly, indicating that the relevant data, etc., such an article is very easy to organize, but also easy to be cited as authority was a lot of data.
2, increasing the content of the article authority
To put their data as authoritative reference data, webmasters have to put their data made more authoritative content easy to understand, easy to understand, easy to understand and grasp it, this will help more people webmasters spread.
3, clever use of news sites and RSS aggregation
Write quality articles, then in the corresponding industry news website release. These weights high website ranking high popularity, great views, to be here published an article in addition to increasing the site's backlinks , but also to webmasters unexpected traffic.
4, use at stations , directories stations and social bookmarking
According to their own website, his own website submitted to the website Open Directory or other free directories, directory stations in China are mainly HAO123 , Baidu site Daquan, Google site Daquan more.These directories station's popularity is very busy, if these sites could be included, just bring the traffic, and more importantly for webmasters site brought a steady stream of web spider , which is the site indexed by search engines, website keyword ranking is very effective.
His own boutique article added to Baidu wishlists , Yahoo wishlists, Google Bookmarks, QQ bookmarksand other social bookmarking .
5, partner, link exchange
Or take advantage of a partnership between business partners, as much as possible so that the other party to add a link to your site or swap a link (of course interchangeable weights high).
Conditions can provide open source , etc., or templates, which allows the use of those left link. You can also give a content management system or CMS Blog system and other open source web systems provides free beautiful templates , and add "by ×× Design" in the template; open source Web application developmentplug-ins , and left of the link; develop useful tools, published Download and left and so on.
6, using the interactive platform, cleverly leaving links
Actively participate in Q & A platform such as Baidu know , Yahoo knowledge, ask, and so, not only can provide solutions to the problem for those who need it in these questions and answers, but also left a link to the site.
Participation in relevant forums such as security antivirus forum. You can add a link to the site
Participation in society of wiki platforms such as Baidu Encyclopedia , Wikipedia editors, etc.
Googlepage point to establish and build a professional website
Use some trading platform or exchange platform, leaving his clever link
7, write a review of articles and Q & A
Use blog comments feature clever leaving their names and links.
Celebrity or an influential event write a review article, play in fueling the role, and gradually expand the influence of the site of the event.
For the particular case problems arise or questions, writing articles, leaving their links.
You can leave a comment for webmasters to buy products or advertising, you can also write some letters of recommendation, recommend their ideas and ways of thinking, and so on.
8, the use of social relations in certain situations and characters, the opportunity to hype.
Use of social relations and actively send specific occasion or have a place to attract the eye, etc., shoot photos or celebrity hype record a sentence, then the Department of the wonderful comments or commentary, carried initiate , of course, can be made ??into articles like interviews facilitate rapid spread.
What is the definition of SEO optimization
Many people view is optimized for seo content updates + external links. In fact, these are misconceptions about seo work, seo optimization is a technique can also be said that the lessons learned, the optimization and institutional levels within the technical body of the station code, understanding search engine body experience, friendly user experience, on data to control and expected, seo optimization is worth around user needs, site optimization techniques and optimization of combined experience in complex subjects.
SEO Mistakes shorthand
One, do not want to follow the seo keyword research function;
2, search engine optimization done only in the mind;
3, because they do not like to be ignored socialized media ;
4, the lack of strategies and plans ;
5, do not attach importance to indulge ranking reports and traffic statistics;
6, the lack of execution .
6link optimization
Website structure optimization
1, establishing Site Map
Whenever possible, it is best to build a complete website site map sitemap . While the site map link on the home page so that search engines can easily find and crawl all pages of information
2, each page up to four clicks from the home page can be reached
3, the site's navigation system is best to use text links
4, site navigation link text should accurately describe the content columns
5, the whole point of PR transfer and flow
Mutual links 6, pages
SEO Optimization basic points
A definition of the site name , select the name associated with the website domain name registration query to guarantee the safe operation of the site
2, analysis of the content of the site around the core, define the corresponding columns, custom column menu navigation
3, according to the Web site columns, content to gather information, organize, edit, create, add
4, choose a stable and secure servers , to ensure the site 24 hours normally open, speed stability
5, analyze site-related long tail keywords, reasonable to add to the content
6, a web application using DIV + CSS structure, in line with w3c web standards, the station generated static pages
7, a reasonable exchange web site links, search engines can not be punished with the industry is not related sites to exchange links
8, production generates XML and HTML maps, easy search engine crawling the content of the website
9, the definition for each page TITLE , META tags , titles concise, META keywords around the theme
10, the site regularly updated information about the content, disable collection , hand purchase, the original is better
11, placement site statistics calculator , analyze website traffic is coming through what the user focus on what content, based on the needs of users, modify, add, increase the user experience
12, web design beautiful, clear menus, site colors with reasonable
13, reasonable SEO optimization should not be using bulk software, link trading ban for search engine page rank cheating ( SPAM ), reasonable optimization promotion
14, revision should be cautious , websites molding or revised after collection to avoid or remove content as a large, dead links and it will generate a negative impact to the site.
Keyword selection
1.              Baidu to promote the use of the keyword tool selection assistant for the promotion of the word.
2.              Do research to select keywords
3.              By looking at the statistics log to select keywords
4.              Long Tail Keywords
5.              The multiple permutations and combinations of keywords
6.              Try not to use industry generic term
7.              Good use of location
8.              Determine the keyword value
9.              Nagao word choice
10.          Keywords of timeliness
11.          Analysis of competitors
12.          Some words from Baidu over the relevant searches, rather than the user's search keywords.
7Frequently Asked Questions
1, how to accelerate the spider to update my website?
Answer: it would have to be diligent that update the site every day, but also to multi-point original, otherwise a bit difficult, some time before the new station Baidu may come every day, the old station can only rely on updates and a large number of high-quality connections to achieve. It should be noted that Baidu news sources updated quickly, usually within 20 minutes of new content indexed.
2, why the owners of the original information was reprinted others, others standing in the front of the information?
A: The natural rankings measure factors are more common are: Web evaluate or weights (PR \ SR), the web address of depth , point to an external link to the page, the site within the line weights , the site insearch engines impact web internal links, web links to other sites, the title is reasonable, appropriate description, keywords rational distribution, content quality of readability, the user experience reflects the degree and so on. These factors together, if every kind of work can be done, owners naturally over other sites.
3, why the sudden drop sites included in the last few days?
A: This is normal in a short time, the search engine after collection, part of the information content is only at a fixed Curry, after a period of precipitation, unimportant or poor quality information will be removed.After a period of observation, if it continues to decline, or suddenly disappear. This is not normal, you need to have the viewing station to detect whether cheating marks, or whether jointly and severally punished, or human intervention.
4, multiple domain names have any effect on the site?
A: The use of multiple domain names belong to the same site cheating, multi-domain included the amount can be increased in the short term, but will result in weight, supplementary materials, duplicate pages and other issues, it is recommended to retain only one, the other can do 301 redirect .
5, is not the same IP on the other station is deleted Baidu, I might be implicated?
A: The same l=en&u=">IP
 site, other stations being punished , but not necessarily by their own stationspunishment , if other stations under the IP cheating badly, or very consistent with the content of a search engine inclusion criteria, then the IP may have been Search engine prohibited.
6, how to quickly add external links?
A: The fastest way there are two: First, spend money, the second is to write soft paper . External links points quantity and quality parameters, do not ignore the link quality.
7, why a site ranks well but did not appear keywords?
Answer: There are two reasons: black hat practice is Google bombs , white hat approach is relevant.Google bombs role so far in the engine can not eliminate, the site increased relevance bit difficult, requires a lot of quality content do support, authoritative sites and well-known sites in a similar phenomenon more.
Security Policy
This is also a problem many owners in the SEO process is easy to overlook the site, it is recommended to start the security policy from the following aspects.
1, Select a stable server or virtual host , to ensure a stable and smooth user access to the site
2, on the site of a comprehensive analysis of the program, remove the cumbersome code , using simpleDIV + CSS layout, eliminate loopholes hidden
3, Regular updates on the server system, maintaining security and stability of the operating system in order to protect the safe operation of the site
4, Website background administrator account and password as complex
5, The database path to try not to use the default
6, regularly updated vulnerability program patches , such as the use CMS ( Content Management System ) to do a friend stations often contact the developer update patches
7, concerned about the latest vulnerability patches Microsoft's official release, to update
Secure web space and operating platforms in order to better serve the search for users, in order to bring a stable source of customers, security issues can not be ignored. Give users a secure and stable web platform, of course, brought to webmasters is the largest gains.
Site SEO
Outside the station SEO, it can be said from the site search engine technology, named after the impact from an external site for site's ranking in search engines, these external factors are beyond the control of the site. The most useful feature of the most powerful factor is the external site backlinks, webmaster said thatexternal links . Undoubtedly, external links to a site is indexed into the search engine results pages plays an important role.

How to produce high quality backlinks ?
1, high-quality content to generate high-quality external links best way is to write quality content, webmasters article allows readers to read the desire for reprint articles
2, partners, link exchange with partners recommend another link.And industry websites related website link
3 Categories
Submit your site to DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory and the ODP directory some professional directory sites
4, Social Bookmarks
Add sites to Baidu collection , Yahoo collections, Google Bookmarks, QQ bookmarks and other social bookmarking
5, publish blog to create a link
Get External links one of the most effective ways is through publishing blog articles
6, forum post or signature
Publish posts containing a link to the original in the forum or write a signature to insert the URL
7, the purchase of high value links
Personally do not recommend using this method, the search engine will be found to be right down
8, business partners and SEO SEM \ SEO overall solution
9, Social Media
You can add a link in social media, such as microblogging , social networking sites and so on.
Site SEO

SEO Network logo
1, the link structure of the stations
Try to change the original image links and Flash links, use plain text links, and define a global unified link location.
2, TITLE repositioning
3, re-positioning of keywords
4, repositioning description of
The title needs to contain content optimization keywords, while the site multiple page title can not be identical, at least to be able to display the "keyword, web page, containing the keyword section describes a simple" type. Once the title would not do to modify!

6, the site of structural adjustment
Assuming for the image of the page as the original site, using a greater amount of Flash and images, these pages are not search engine friendly elements included , so at the bottom of the page plus the three columns, which are related to the company profile, keyword Product News products and the company's keyword list, and add the contents of the three columns url .
7, resource application
Talk about resource applications. Roughly adjust the structure of the site later, you can use some of the resources extended external link up. First, you can open Baidu space , space domain names on the use of the company's key product, the company simultaneously reproduced the original information on the website, with the company web site, so Baidu Robot in the first time to visit this site. Where there is a trick: Use this space to randomly access another user account Baidu space, in order to obtain a return visit, this spider to reach better results. Tip: Baidu space, paste it and know when to remember to publish information that came with the link information to facilitate the exchange of visits, increase traffic.
Site Ranking
For many sites were determined to maximize site member added value can be read by search engines, published, and W3C coding guidelines published. Reasonable and effective follow the guidelines, the site is frequently updated original content effectively, and create several practical and meaningful incoming links, access to a considerable number of basic search traffic is nothing difficult.
When the site has useful content, other sites will naturally link to staff the station, thus increasing its PageRank and visitors stream. When visitors find a useful site, they tend to use e-mail or instant message link introduced to other visitors.
Search engine spiders works
Search engine spiders are looking for web pages through links addresses. Search engine spiders with different names and different search engines.Its principle is that from an initial link began to crawl web content, while also collecting a link on a Web page, and these links as its next crawl the link address, and so on until it reaches a stop condition will Stop. Stop condition set usually based on time or number, you can limit the network via a link layers spider crawling. At the same time the importance of a page of information for objective factors determine the spider to retrieve the website pages. Webmaster Tools search engine spider simulator fact, it is this principle. Based on these spider works, owners will increase the page keyword unnatural occurrences, although the generation of density changes, but in terms of the spider did not reach some changes. This is the search engine optimization process should be avoided.
Participation by foreign 37 excellent SEO industry expert, to vote in the form of a review of the important factors affecting Google rankings, the selection is very valuable, although not multiple 200 Google ranking factors listed all, but Google ranking algorithm 90% -95% of the important ingredients have been included in which the.
Positive factor
Rank score Sort Details
A keyword keyword is used on the site TITLE
2 external link external link anchor text
External three website quality websites link popularity , the breadth of
4 website quality domain age (counted from the search engine index)
5 page website quality internal link structure
Correlation between the content of external links page with keywords 6 website quality websites
7 website quality sites in the subject group related websites link popularity
8 Key words Key words used in the web content
9 External links External links page itself Link Popularity
The new rate of 10 website quality sites generated external links
Export link quality 11 page quality and relevance
Thematic 12 External External links page
13 External External links to related topics website page link popularity in the community
14 relevance of keywords and keyword page content (semantic analysis)
Page 15 page quality age
16 keywords keywords in H1 tags in use
17 sites included in the number of quality sites
External links links age 18
Correlation 19 website quality user query keywords and website themes (to prevent Google bombing)
20 External links surrounding text links
21 Keywords Keywords used in the domain of
Quality 22 page quality page content
23 Keywords Keywords used in the URL of the page
24 Keywords Keyword use in H2, H3, etc. Headline tag
Structural levels 25 page quality website
26 website quality user behavior
27 External links with external links page under the name of Link Popularity
28 pictures of keyword optimization keyword
29 Google website quality artificial granted weights
30 website quality domain particularity (.edu .gov etc.)
Rate of 31 website quality produce new page
32 External External links are created and updated
33 External links particularity domain of external links
34 PR value of the external links to external web site links
35 Keywords Keywords in Meta Description of use
Number 36 website quality user search site
37 occurrences of the quality of the page URL of "/" symbol
38 pages spelling and grammatical correctness of quality
39 page quality HTML code is passed W3C certification
40 website quality website is certified by Google Webmaster Central
41 Keywords Keywords in Meta Keywords in use
42 weight label strong heading tags used in the page's content
43 nofllow label nofollow tag used in the pages of links and meta.
44 SEO optimization for Baidu
Negative factors
Rank Score Details
A server is often unable to respond
2 and Google has indexed the content of highly repetitive
3 chain to low quality or spam sites
Four sites of a large number of duplicate pages META tags
5 excessive keyword stuffing
6 participate in link farms or heavy sell links
7 server response time is very slow
8 pages mainly META change the frequency is too high
9 a very low flow rate , user behavior to reflect the difference;
SEO Keyword Optimization layout techniques
Use keywords in the title and text throughout the site within a page title, the text of the title should attract the user's eye and told them that he came to the most suitable site. H1 > optimize text title </ H1> is the most direct SEO optimization. Initially SEO168 would recommend using this direct approach, until the owners began to get a stable rankings. The title tag from the largest to the smallest, respectively HI to H6.Webmasters can also use CSS in the body, imagine your title like these in a newspaper headline. I usually use a similar keyword phrases to make the body of the subtitle. Other parts of the body are usually thinking of writing to sales conversion and for search engine optimization does not give too many reminders.
The page is divided into teams
H1 (composed by the main keyword) in an H1 tag per page only use
H2 (similar sub-title repeat main keyword phrase) paragraph
H2 (the other a secondary theme with some variant of similar or overlapping keywords)) paragraphs
H2 (sometimes some points title no keywords, but most are made of H2 title) paragraphs
Keywords STRONG tag the article content for webmasters highlighted
Typically subtitle will focus on one of these longer keyword phrases, in particular over the main title, but will also include some of the main title the same phrase. Further description of the subtitle should improve browsing efficiency and availability webmasters site.
Recommends the use of an H1 tag per page, with the other set of text characters constitute the secondary keywords in the title tag that information.
Keyword Extraction
Most of the websites in HTML format exists for the index, it only need to handle text messages. Hence the need to extract the contents of the page, and then filtered to some scripts and other forms of advertising such as JS existing content, while recording format text layout information, web processing includes four areas: keyword extraction, repeat, reprint elimination link analysis, and web computing importance, is how to extract keywords, because the HTML page source diversity, content more casual, and does not pay attention to the new SEO norms, neat, contains a lot of irrelevant information, Chinese web page uses a dictionary and cut Word software should not be out in the text, the words, called stop words, words to ensure effective at 200 or so.
seo Periodic Table (2013 edition)

seo element block
Content: content elements block
Cq: Quality - are pages well written & have substantial quality contents?
Notes: Quality points: page content writing is not complete, meaningful, and there are really useful, high-quality content. If you do this, there are three key points.
Cr: Research - have you researched the keywords people may use to find your content?
Note: keyword research points: whether to try research keyword search for those users of it. This item is a positive three points.
Cw: Words - do pages use words & phrases you hope they'll be found for?
Note: Text: Are you using a user wants to search for text or phrases in the content of the. This item is positive two points.
Ce: Engage - do visitors spend time reading or bounce away quickly?
Note: Activity: whether the user is willing to spend the time to read the content of webmasters or direct jump away. This item is positive two points.
Cf: Fresh - are pages fresh & about hot topics?
Note: Freshness: page content whether or novel enough about the current hot topic. This item is positive two points.
Vt: Thin - is content thin or shallow & lacking substance?
Note: The contents of thin: the page is too thin or superficial and lack substance useful content. This item is negative two points.
Va: Ads - is your content ad-heavy especially above the fold?
Note: the ads: page content is filled with more advertising content, particularly in the top of the page to close the highest degree of concern for the negative one of the key points?.
Common terms
SEM (search engine optimization marketing)

SEM Search Engine Marketing and SEO search engine optimization. Is SEM and SEO collectively. For a long time, SEM many practitioners or customer awareness of search engine bidding system (see the official definition Baidu SEM), SEO search engine optimization that Baidu deemed natural rankings.For more standardized terminology, it is proposed SOM concept.Namely: SOM = SEM + SEO, optimization company to customers SOM proposed overall solution. Which typically involves two parts SEM and SEO.
Links Course (Link Farm)
In SEO terms, the link field is defined as a link to a page full, in fact, no practical effect of these links, which exist only as a link, without any real context. Those who adopt the use of black hat SEO methodsl=en&using
 link farms, increasing the number of links to a page, hoping by this way to make Google mistake on this page useful link value.
Interactive links (Reciprocal Link)
Also known as a two-way link is a page not only have hypertext links, while the corresponding links and original page.
Organic list (Organic Listing)
Organic SERP list is the free list. Organic SEO usually involves a list of improvements the actual content of the Web site, which is often a page or levels of infrastructure.
PageRank is obsessed with Google 's people to test their sites a metric ranking in Google. SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists also use this term describes the page ranking in the SERP and the scores given to the site according to Google ranking algorithm. However defined, PageRank is an important part of SEO.
Paid listings (Paid Listing)
As the name suggests, the list is only after paying a fee to be included in the search engine service.Depending on the search engines, paid listings could mean: to include in the index, per click (PPC), Sponsored Links (Sponsored Link) or use the search target keywords and phrases to make the site a SERP when the other way And pay.
Permanent redirect (Permanent Redirect)
Also known as the 301 redirect is a command to a web browser to display the browser is required to display a different URL, when a page changes experienced its last URL when using later. A permanent orientation is a server-side redirect can be properly handled the search engine spiders.
Rank (Ranking)
Ranked pages in the target keywords SERP position listed. SEO aims to improve the Web page rankings for targeted keywords.
Ranking algorithm (Ranking Algorithm)
Search engine ranking algorithm is used to evaluate and rank the list of rules for its index. Ranking algorithm determines which results are relevant to a particular query.
Search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing, SEM)
SEM and SEO The term can be used interchangeably, but SEM often refers to search engine marketing and Web site through paid advertising, but the application of SEO techniques.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization, SEO)
SEO is a search engine based on the attractiveness and visibility to optimize content, so that Web pages can be selected search engines. Organic SEO is mainly used to improve the ranking list. I use this term to describe my recommendation SEO techniques, but many of them can be classified as SEM technology category.
Search engine results pages (Search Engine Results Page, SERP)
SERP is a list of results for a particular search or display. SERP is sometimes defined as the search engine results arrangement (placement). The purpose of this series, I will be referred to the page rather than arrangements. In the SEO field, to achieve good performance is everything in the SERP.
Garbage Technology (Spamming)
Garbage technology is a fraudulent SEO methods, it attempts to deceive the crawler (Spider), and the use of loopholes in the ranking algorithm to influence rankings for targeted keywords. Garbage technology can take many forms, but the most simple definition of "junk art" is the Web site for any technical disguise themselves and influence rankings.
Keyword secret word (Hidden Text With Keyword Stuffing)
Is another way to deceive the search engines. Usually refers to set the color and the background color of the page, like keywords, or via CSS Hidden Attribute (hidden feature) to achieve optimal results. Once Google finds this approach, encounter will be the site removed from Google's database.
Crawler (Spider)
Roam the Web crawler, looking to add a list of search engine index. Sometimes also called Web crawling crawling standings (Webcrawler) or robots. For organic listings page that is optimized to attract the attention of crawler.
In SEO excessive use of the flash and Ajax technology, the search engine will bring a lot of trouble, the search engine also not well indexed by the flash, ajax web performance, the reason is that search engines only index page, without indexing applications .
There are even search engines do fully explain the Flash file or ajax application, and they can analyze and index the relevant content, it is still no way to use the url navigation applications for ranking no little help.The main goal of search engines is to submit the search results to the user, but when dealing with these media, search engines will not be arranged in the order of the information. In short, Flash and Ajax will bring more innovative design, will bring more difficult to detect in the form of spam.
Google indexing Flash, give advice is that web designers should only need to use Flash and Ajax in place to use it, should be the main or multi-use HTML language designed website, but will Flash and Ajax as assistive technology, to provide users with tangible benefits. Typically, mixing HTML and JavaScript are basically using these technologies can achieve the effect. In other words, when using Flash and Ajax in them as elements on the page, rather than the page itself.
Link Popularity site's link popularity .
Role in the search engine rankings has been widely recognized and valued. In fact, even owners who have not submitted a site webmasters on GOOGLE, but made links with other sites, Google may also be included webmasters website. Search engines may also be entirely in accordance with webmasters who link popularity website ranking decision webmasters.
Internal Links Internal links: links between internal pages of the website
External Links External Links: This website external link, generally refers to other sites connected to the link to this site
Backward Links or Incoming / Inbound Links reverse / import links : meaning and "external links" near, referring to other sites connected to this site link
Outgoing / Outbound Links export link: means connected to the links from this site to other sites
Search Engine Positioning Search Engine Positioning
Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Ranking
External Files stored in an external file
The JavaScript files and CSS files are placed in JS and CSS external file. The advantage of this is the important content of the page into the top of the page, and can reduce the file size. Conducive to quickly and accurately search engines to crawl the page important content.
Keyword Density Keyword Density
ROBOTS search robot
Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing (membership marketing, Affiliate, etc.)
Affiliate marketing refers to a website A place ads for the site B button, and then get a rebate for the website advertising system from B to bring in sales. Some advertisers access to market information in this way rather than cash sales. This approach is relatively tight marketing expenses was more widespread use of the new site.
Cost-Per-Click (referred to as CPC ) pay-per-click
Affiliate marketing management system records each guest clicking on the affiliate site to the merchant site members text or image link (or Email link) times, merchants (Merchant) pay per click advertising how much money the way.
This cheating technique is also known as "keyword stuffing cheat (Keyword Stuffing)", it is highly concerned about the use of search engines to pages that appear in the text and title of the keywords keywords to unreasonable (excessive) repeats. Other similar practice also includes a large number of stuffing HTML meta tags keywords or use more keywords meta tags to increase keyword relevance. This technique is easily detected by search engines and punished accordingly.
Keyword Stuffing Keyword stuffing
Cloaked Page stealth page
Actual visitors or search engines either hide the real web content in order to provide non-real search engine friendly content to improve search engine rankings.
Deceptive redirects sneaky redirects
Refers to the user to access the first page (landing page) quickly redirected to a completely different page contents.
Shadow Domain ghost town
This is the most common deceptive redirects technology, by making deceptive redirects users to access another site or page.
Meta Refresh Refresh logo
Doorway Page doorway pages
Also called "Bridge / Portal / Jump / Entry Page". Is specially produced for certain keywords page, search engine designed specifically for the purpose of improving specific keyword rankings in search engine designed to target keyword rich domain name and redirect to another domain of real website . Search Engine Spiders tend to ignore the retrieval of those pages automatically redirect to other pages of.
Mirror Sites Mirror Sites
Website or by copying the contents of web pages and assign a different domain name and server, in order to deceive the search engines on the same page on the same site or multiple indexes. Most search engines provide proper filtration system capable of detecting mirror sites, mirror sites, once found, the source site and mirror sites will be deleted from the index database.
Link Spamming cheating Link / malicious link
link farms link farms
Bulk Link Exchange Programs bulk link exchange program
Cross Link cross-linked
Doorway Domain door domain
Designed to improve specific keyword rankings in search engine designed to target keyword rich domain name and redirect to another domain's home page. Because search engines generally ignore retrieved automatically redirected to a page other pages, so I do not advocate the use of this technology.

1, keyword analysis (also called keyword positioning)SEO technology is not simply a few suggestions, but rather a need for adequate mental patient and meticulous. Generally, SEO optimization is divided into eight small steps:
It is optimized for SEO the most important part, keyword analysis include: the amount of attention keyword analysis, competitor analysis , keyword analysis and site-related keyword layout, keyword ranking predictions.
2, site architecture analysis
Site structure in line with the search engine crawlers preferences it will help SEO optimization. Site architecture analysis include: removing bad site architecture design, implementation, tree structure, site navigation and link optimization.
3, website directories and page optimization
SEO is not just to make a good Home search engine rankings, more importantly, is to have each page of the site will bring traffic.
4, content distribution and link arrangement
Search engines love regularly updated website content, so arrange site content release schedule is one of the most important skills SEO optimization. Links layout put the entire site organically linked together, so that the search engines understand the importance of each page and keywords, reference implementation is the first point of keyword layout. Links campaign also launched at this time.
5, the dialogue with the search engine
Submitted to the major search engines has not been included in the entrance landing site. SEO search engine to see the effect, through the site: domain name owners who know and updates included in the site.By domain : the domain name or webmasters link webmasters domain names, know the site: backlinkssituation. Achieve better dialogue with search engines, we recommend using Google Webmaster Tools.
6, the establishment Site Map SiteMap
According to their site structure, making the site map, so webmasters website more search engine friendly technology. Let the search engines can live SiteMap can access all pages and sections of the site.
Best to have two sets of siteMap, customers quickly find a convenient site information (html format), another set of convenient search engine that update frequency sites, update time, page weight (xml format).Sitemap created and the actual situation to the site webmasters match.
7, high-quality links
Build quality links for seo optimization, it can improve the website PR value update rate and websites, are very critical issues.
8, website traffic analysis
Web site traffic analysis guidance from the SEO results next SEO strategy, while optimizing the user experience of the website is also instructive. Traffic analysis tools, analysis tools recommended analytical tools and Baidu Google Analytics statistical analysis tools.
Above 8 steps perseverance. Flow more and do not be proud, a little do not lose hope. Efforts to move forward, learn SEO optimization , webmasters will be able to succeed.
Execution difficulty
[SEO] a variety of implementation difficulty degree of difficulty ranking:. 1 link building; 2 content creation; 3 writing blog; 4 socialization integration; 5.SEO landing page; 6.URL structure; seven competitors research; 8 keyword research; 9.XML Site Map; 10 internal links;. 11.Title mark; 12.Meta tag.
SEO strategies are a few common phenomenon
A: Sandbox
What is a sandbox? Sandbox mean usually refers to the new site is difficult to have good rankings in the early in Google, the general time limit in six months or so. Why enter the sandbox? Reasons generally enter the sandbox is a sudden increase in a number of sites external connections.
Two: Bomb
What is a bomb? Bomb meant by establishing a large number of external connections, the anchor text (the text connection) all keywords. Resulting rise forcibly website rankings. Why there is a bomb? Problem because the search engine algorithms, a large number of anchor text so that the engine mistakenly believe that a Web site is the most requested page search for new stations, the timing quantitative add anchor text a lot more than a one-time addition of anchor text can help increase the site's weight.
Three: Ghost
What is a ghost? Specter referring to the new station rankings unstable fluctuated phenomenon. Why is there a ghost? This is mainly because search engines to prevent cheating caused. An important factor is also the problem right site.
Four: even sit
What is even sit? Even sit is an ancient criminal law in this case is to be implicated in other sites with servers or IP addresses. Also the search engines to prevent cheating, in order to avoid link farms of flooding.
Five: Golden Triangle
Golden Triangle refers to crawl google keyword page focus position generally distributed in the upper left, triangular in shape.
Six: Snapshot correction
Correction refers to a snapshot of a snapshot before being returned to Baidu snapshot date.
Causes: Unstable hosting space, web page changes, the Friends of the chain link abnormalities, adjusted Baidu algorithm to optimize the excessive use of seo cheating.
The solution:
Stable maintenance update articles with outside the station inside the station and outside the chain and links the investigation to date adjustment!
1.              Allow more users to quickly find what he was looking for
2.              You can make the relevant keyword ranking, to meet customer needs
3.              There needs to let people first find webmasters
4.              Provide natural search results rankings, increase credibility
5.              Make your site rank webmasters natural forward, increase website traffic, promote website promotion and business development
6.              Excellent website to increase visibility, enhance web development technologies
7.              More convenient to people who do not understand the Internet or know little about the knowledge needed to find a network
8.              Savings for the enterprise network marketing expenses
seo strategies including keyword optimization of website structure optimization and content, focusing on optimizing the chain and the chain
1.              Keyword optimization strategy
Keywords are search engine optimization core. Select keywords in the search engine rankings for a website that has a key role. For e-commerce sites, require users to easily obtain the information they want, and users are generally carried out by keyword search, then the search engines to read the information in order to make e-commerce site, the owners need to do keyword the following settings:
First, with the organization name and the name of the naming services.
Second, the keyword is not only reflected in the service can provide. Also includes product or service can solve the problem. Third, changes to the seasons into account. Fourth, we should misspellings and slang dialect into consideration. Fifth, to describe the location of products and services. For housekeeping, flowers and gifts, wedding services company is particularly important. Sixth, we must consider emergencies.Such as earthquakes, snowstorms and so on. For the "medicine" and other words are particularly sensitive.Seventh, we should consider the prominent festivals and so on.
2.The structure and content of the website optimization strategies
Optimizing your site include: website structure optimization, website tags optimization, web page optimization, in order to make it easier for search engines search site webmasters and owners who want to focus on top-ranking keywords.
3 focus on optimization strategies within the chain and the chain
Hyperlinks will be dispersed networks together into a whole, for the search engines, the quality of a page is the number of links and links into web pages that reflect the importance of a very important indicator.
1, the expansion of the scale of capital
2, optimize the financial structure
3, through the reorganization of assets SEO
4, the adjustment of product structure, promote industrial upgrading
5, brand protection
6, promotion (main role)
7, the cost savings for the enterprise network marketing
The importance
What is the purpose of SEO? SEO seems to be a little taste of conspiracy, is not it? SEO creating accessible and useful Web sites, a good SEO practices will make the site more useful, more accessible and more friendly to search engines. However, unruly SEO marketing companies will use black hat SEO techniques (spam technology), which gives SEO a bad name. However, any kind of marketing is the case: there are good ways to sell products there are bad, bad and sometimes more effective - but only in the short term.
By black hat SEO techniques to deceive search engines is a dangerous path, will bring bad user experience. Therefore, this series focus only white hat SEO techniques. Use white hat SEO techniques, you and your users will benefit. This is a win-win approach.
SEO is critical to commercial sites
If your business is online, then the company's survival would depend on the extent of Web sites of concern. If people can not find a commercial site, but also how it can buy things from there? Moreover, the issue is not just to let potential customers find your home page and navigate through the site in the drop-down menu, links, or anything else. In the past, if you have an excellent main index page, people will flock to patiently browse until you find the information they need, but the back is no longer the case.
The business is not online business, SEO is equally important.
Increasingly fierce market competition, more and more people access to the Internet, not only is the computer can access, mobile Internet users, more and more people are shopping online more and more.
White Hat SEO
White hat SEO is a fair approach, is the use of line with mainstream search engines issued guidelines stipulated SEO optimization methods. The industry has long been considered the best SEO practices, it is to avoid all risk but also to avoid the search engine guidelines issued any conflict, it is also the highest ethical standards SEOer practitioners. Because search engines are text-centric, many of the same tools can help facilitate web affinity same search engine optimization. These methods include optimizing graphical content, including ALT attributes, and add text description. Even Flash animations can include alternative content in the design of the page, this would have been used to give visitors can not read Flash environment used to help optimize.
Black Hat SEO
Generally speaking, all using cheating or suspicious means, can be called black hat SEO. For example,spam links , cloaking, brush IP traffic, doorway pages , keyword stuffing and so on. Black Hat SEO is a not for search engines supported by irregularities, as black hat SEO industry challenge the moral bottom line, so for the majority of white hat SEO and despised. Garbage index (Spamdexing) meant by deception and abuse of technology to promote irrelevant search algorithms, mainly business-focused website. Many search engines administrators believe that any form of search engine optimization, which aims to improve the site's page rank who are garbage index. However, over time, public opinion in the industry to develop what is and what is not acceptable means of promoting the search engine ranking and traffic results in a station.
Gray Hat SEO
Gray hat SEO refers to between white hat and black hat between the middle ground . The white hat is concerned, it will take some tricky way, because these acts is not illegal, but the same does not follow the rules, is a gray area . It focuses on the optimization of global and local aspects. Grey hat SEO is pursuing some degree of moderation. White hat and gray hat SEO black hat techniques are a combination of both to consider the long-term interests, but also consider the issue of short-term gains.
Quality web content quality analysis including internal website updated content, but also analyze the quality of the site outside the chain posted content. The main reference standards such as whether the original site title, whether caused by users concerned; originality of the overall content of the website how the degree outside the chain of original content, the site content is reproduced and so on.
1, web content quality analysis
2, the site keyword ranking progress analysis
3, the site contains data analysis
4, the site outside the chain included data analysis
5, site traffic analysis
6, website spider crawling analysis
Optimization formula
SEO = ∫Clock = ∫C1 + L2 + K3 + O4
1, ∫ is an integral symbol, C = content, L = link, K = keywords, O = others. SEO is a long term of "time" integration process, the content is the core;
2, C1- rich content is the first element, in accordance with the original, pseudo-original, reproduced in order of priority importance of content to satisfy the user experience;
3, reasonable and rich L2- link is the second element, reasonable and effective internal links and external links equally rich, and highly relevant external links page high Pr value is particularly important;
4, K3- key factor is the third important factors, including: a reasonable Title, Description, Keywords, page keyword density and rational distribution and related keywords;
5, O4- other factors, such as: domain name , stand age, server , website architecture, typography, layout, Url , maps, etc.;
This formula is written well, the SEO optimization, very general explained, the SEO optimization need to be aware of the problem, are taken into account.
According to this formula, you can find a lot of valuable concept, interested friends can carefully taste the taste, but the premise is that webmasters need to look to understand this formula.
SEOer spiders seem very concerned about the experience, in fact, the user experience is very important. I use the following formula to sum it up:
SEO = User Experience + spider experience . Even the SEM can also be used, SEO / SEM theorem: SEO / SEM = UE + SE.
1, page title optimization of
2, keyword selection
3, keywords (keywords) to optimize
4, meta description tags, and page optimization
5, website structure optimization and URL
6, SEO in regex
7, so that the search engines by your intention to travel
8, optimized web links
9, optimized heading tags
10 pictures (alt) optimization
11, page weight loss <DIV + CSS web script code refactoring .JavaScript lose weight. Pages in other parts of weight loss>
12, to establish a conducive SEO website <blog. Forum. Baidu space, etc.>.
Famous sites
Well-known site refers users have a higher visibility of the website. The more well-known site, the more consideration should be the long-term to the user experience as the most important, positive, rational, website optimization, SEO away from cheating and malicious behavior.
11search method
Domain Name Search
By domain name search can know the site's SEO comprehensive anti-risk capability
Look at the number of search results;
Look at what the former ten snapshots are snapshots and titles quality;
See the overall status and anti-chain within the chain condition.
SITE Search
In front of a web site add " site : ", can limit the search to a specific site, the site channels, or pages within a domain name;
[Sage chain site: website] said in the site search and "Race odd chain" related search;
[Pages indexed query site: Site inurl: domain / g /] or intel: + search keywords;
[Site: site space + keyword] search for the station said.
SEO taboo
1, the first problem is to buy space, and do not cheat sites on the same server.
2, the contents of a lack of originality.
3, the content does not match with the theme of the site.
4, page titles do not change frequently.
5, page full-motion (FLASH or dynamic images).
6, keyword selection is wrong.
7, keyword stuffing.
8, no patience.
9, anxious.
10, there is no sense of team.

URL appears keyword (English)Keyword position, density, the processing
1.              Key words appear in the page title (1-3)
2.              Keywords Keywords tags appear (1-3)
3.              Keyword description tags appear (main keyword is repeated two times)
4.              Content naturally occurring keywords
5.              Content first and last paragraphs appear Keyword
6.              H1, H2 tag words appear
7.              Export link anchor text contains keywords
8.              Picture file name contains keywords
9.              ALT attributes appear in keyword
10.          Keyword density is 2-8%
11.          Right keyword bold or italic
Quality of content, frequency of updates, relevance
1.              Best original content, the content should not be repeatedly reproduced
2.              Content independence, and other pages at least 30% mutually exclusive
3.              1000-2000 words, reasonable segmentation
4.              Updated regularly, preferably every day
5.              Content around the page keyword expansion, and the entire station topic
6.              Comments feature has appeared Keywords comments
Incoming links and anchor text
1.              Incoming links high PR value sites
2.              Importing linked content related pages
3.              Importing a page link anchor text contains keywords
4.              Anchor text exists in the page content
5.              Related Categories anchor text appears around
6.              Incoming links exist three months or more
7.              Import Export link page where the link is less than 100
8.              Importing links from different IP addresses
9.              Natural increase in incoming links
10.          Anchor text diversification (eg, SEO and SEO one hundred thousand Why)
SEO techniques mastered over, allowing webmasters keyword ranking has clearly improved.