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Website optimization is the process of website, domain name registration query, content, forum , layout , and other aspects of the target keyword optimization and adjustment, which is the site for search engines designed to meet the search engine rankings of indicators, resulting in a search engine retrieval obtain traffic ranking, search engine marketing to enhance the effect, make the site relevant keywords can have a good ranking.
Website optimization goal is to make the site more easily indexed by search engines , improving the user experience (UE) and the conversion rate and thus create value.

seo china
Chinese name
Website Optimization
Foreign Name
Websites optimization
Target site
Common mode
Adjust the site structure, function optimization
Optimizing Content
Procedures, content, pages, layouts, etc.
Increase site traffic, brand awareness

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Narrow site optimization, namely search engine optimization ( SEO ), is a use of the search engine search rules aim to improve the site's ranking on search engines in the way.

seo website optimization can improve the site's search engine rankings and the impact of brand awareness, traffic levels and the return on investment . However, the site is fully compatible with search engines is a complex process that involves many different factors and components seo website optimization to ensure that every aspect is the best way to deal with. Generalized

Generalized site optimization factors considered not just search engines , but also fully meet userdemand characteristics, clear site navigation , improved online help, etc., on the basis of information makes the site function and play the best results. It is a web-based enterprise, and Internet service providers (such as search engines , etc.), partners, customers, suppliers establish various factors, vendors and other network marketing environment in a good relationship. Content with each other search engines will do some correlation site data than right, and then by the browser will be content with the most rapid and most complete way to close, presented to the searcher.
Website optimization is divided into white hat and black hat, white hat SEO techniques include search engine which follow acceptable guidelines which can not be accepted. Their recommendations are generally for users to create content, and let the content easy to be spider robots index, and do not try to search engine system tricks. Website programmers often in the design or construction of their website, committed a fatal error, negligence "poison" so that the station does not rank well.

SEO China

Popular speaking, website optimization is divided into two parts, one to optimize the station , the second is outside the station optimization . Site optimization is through SEO techniques make our website on search engine friendly and good user experience degrees rise in the station. The goal is very simple, is to make our website ranking in the search engines and get good customer conversion rate.Site optimization by SEO tools to help website and affiliated companies branding, this process may involve the way Baidu promotion , Google advertising related forums blog, major portals to promote links. You can also say, website promotion includes site optimization, site optimization will be a good purpose is to promote.

Optimization of thetwostationsto
Internal link structure

Try to change the original image links and flash links, use plain text links, and define a global unified link location.
Positioning title title of

The title needs to contain content optimization keywords, while the site multiple page title can not be identical, at least to be able to display the "keyword - Home - a simple piece containing the keyword description" type. Once the title would not do to modify!
Maintain the frequency of keywords

Simply adjust the content and structure of the well immediately after the search engine login, hoping the new title and a new description included as soon as possible.
Site restructuring

Suppose because the original site for the image page, use the more flash and image, these page elements not conducive to search engine included, so at the bottom of the page added three columns, which are related to the company profile, keyword Product News products and the company's keyword list, and add the url of the three columns of content.

Of course, the best way is to use the news system updates Keyword Product News. You can make a jump from the Home link to a single page as a keyword described in detail. Describe the content of the page that contains the company's keywords Products List link. These are intended to form a network structure of the enterprise within the site.
Resource Applications

Talk about resource applications. On the site structure roughly adjust the future, they can use some of the resources extended external links up. First, you can open Baidu space , space domain names on the use of the company's product keywords, simultaneously reproduced the original site information company, with the company web site, so Baidu robot in the first time to visit this site. Where there is a trick: Use this space account to random access Baidu space to other users, with the aim to obtain a return visit, this spider to reach better results. Tip: Baidu space , paste it and know when published remember to incidental link information to facilitate the exchange of visits, increase traffic.
Typical problems

(1) site columns and product classification comprehensive set unreasonable question.
(2) large amounts of information can not be included in the newly released search engine.
(3) dynamic web pages constraints.
(4) The page title design and related issues of web content.
Search Engine Optimization

1, the site of corporate brand or product keyword optimization.
2, web content optimization, keyword density analysis, improve engine friendliness.
3, the content of the page title bar (Title) optimization.
4, add and optimize keywords and description for each page information site (META).
5, analysis website code, streamlined structure, reduce redundancy, to make the site better performance, load more smoothly.

6, the station diagnosis, improved interactive experience for each process operation targeted for experience optimization, and reduce operating costs, improve user friendliness.
7, analyze the situation and the public user page views operating preferences, make adjustments, focused information.
8, optimize the site static resources, reduce bandwidth and server requests to conserve bandwidth costs and improve server performance.
User Experience Optimization

User experience optimization is carried out at the site for the user experience optimization, site optimization face the user level, the principle of service for visitors and improve site functionality, operation, visual elements and other sites to gain visitors of all ages. improved by optimizing flow rate conversion rate. In this process, many owners will use social media factors in the site, such as using the relevant button.

Mention of social media buttons, a lot of people know that most sites will have such an icon, and many owners are in use, the impact on your site's ranking is very large.

First, from a related website to consider, such as our site is to provide site-building services, then you can select the appropriate keywords for making sites, construction sites, corporate shows the construction site and so on.
Site Structure

First, the site structure should be clear, easy to search engines to crawl. If the site itself is intricate layout unbearable, can not find focus, even the human eye can not see, let alone spiders.
Web page optimization

Entire site should be a whole, not just to optimize the viewer's home page, other content page also can bring traffic and customers.
Site Content

The website content must be updated regularly, the most important thing is to write some original soft, soft paper as much as possible with the keyword theme, it will be more effective.
Within the chain

Site's internal links should reasonably linked to the entire site, so that search engines understand the importance of each page. While avoiding dead links , dead links will affect the overall image of the entire site, moreover search engine is to search through the links, dead links will reduce the website in the search engines right weight.
Outside the chain

Simple recommend several ways:
1, submitted by the search engine landing port site, tell the search engine has a new station was born, so the search engines will submit rushed to the site, contains some good content.
2, mobilize all website owners know who to add links. Many people have their own blog, let them in on the blog plus links to their own websites.
3, in some relatively high weights website replies, posted.
4, in some information network, to obtain high-quality soft paper submission related links.
Webmaster Tools
By webmaster tools to keep track of optimizing the effectiveness of the site. Queries to analyze the data on the tool, review and improve their website optimization methods. If this can be a good tool, SEO can reduce a lot of work, but results are more pronounced.
5site redesign optimization step
1, SEO site audit ;
2, to develop a search engine friendly website design review;
3, to determine the important keyword phrases (keyword research, search engine advertising, Google Webmaster Tools);
4, the use of web design important keyword phrases.
Website structure optimization

Corporate website structure is usually home, company profiles, stories, news and information, contact information and other styles, these structures can basically put the site as a simple brochure, did not play the interactive nature of the network, and companies have no dedicated staff to be responsible website.
Website optimization is the site through technology integration is beneficial to the user site and search engine recognition, can be divided into two types, interface structure optimization and search engine optimization . Interface optimization is to allow users to quickly and easily browse browse the website, search engine optimization is to facilitate the search engines to identify and included under the relevant Key words.The purpose is to optimize the interface allows users to browse the site to understand the introduction of what is , search engine optimization purpose is to allow search engines to understand what browsing the site on talking. Website optimization is to make your site with search engines and people better "communication."
Site structure is conducive to good website ranking SERP (search engine results page) at a site has good ranking also shows another perspective on the structure of this site for search engines to read.
Website Keyword Optimization

SEO website optimization company received after just a single keyword search engine optimization to home you can call it a day, because the keywords on the search engine home page to let visitors search keywords browse the site to see, to arrive at a conclusion keyword cook home, there is a flow, with the flow rate can be converted to sales, of course, does not mean that you can have traffic into sales, traffic is just the first step in network marketing.
Keyword optimization is through the label, link anchor text , the text appears keywords aspects, internal links, etc. to carry out. Site well outside the chain , keyword optimization coupled, so that the search engine rankings, do a strong point.
External links Optimization

As we all know , high- quality website external link is the key to our web site to improve the ranking, but the stability and breadth of the site outside the chain is an important factor in maintaining a stable keyword ranking. Stability refers to, update rate and update frequency outside the chain of the site, in a relatively stable period of time increases, maintain a uniform growth in the state, should the external links of ups and downs, this is for the spider to develop a good sense of trust. Secondly, we also avoid the suspicion of cheating, outside the chain increased steadily maintained at a point relatively balanced, is the basis for the stability of our site outside the chain. Outside the chain is also very easy to understand a wide range of degrees mainly in Do not always use the same or a fixed platform to do some link, some people like to use the forum, some people like to use classified information, recommended that these are combined, or in related industries soft paper published on the site. Because of the wide distribution outside the chain, and outside the chain stability combine to cast our health site outside the chain, is one of the important reasons for our website to get stable rankings.
Internal link optimization

We all know the authority and rank websites need to rely on external links to increase, so the external links are important, but some people think that all of this idea is that SEO outside the chain is wrong, this is often the case on a lot in the real world case, the time to do website optimization outside the chain can really optimize keywords, but this practice is just right outside the chain will bring heavy fixed at home, but did not differentiate into columns page and inside pages, resulting in PR value can not be passed, snapshot update slow, long-tail words not optimized.
Website Content Optimization

Information Information Network optimization is content optimization, site optimization general information information information information in the early work is basically completed the construction site around 0%, general information SEO news sites to find the main staff is on site to do some information information data monitoring, some small change information news site and so on.

SEO optimization work has always been a relatively single, the effect is not so obvious.

But one thing is that we have recognized, then the end result is the optimization of website optimization is the message content information, the information in the construction information website optimization friends who have such knowledge, the information content of high-quality information site can increase user The conversion rate.

As search engine algorithms constantly improving, the competition site should tend to the site's content, the better the content of the site, you would not have a high bounce rate, ranking will compare the front, we have to do is to raise website content quality , to find ways to get the source of high-quality sites, there is the source of light is not enough, but also to ensure that the content and site owners are closely related.

For the content of the site to others not directly copy and paste can be directly used, but to the content packaging, packing into their own websites. So easy to search engines and attract users indexed access.Some large sites content s, they should all be subject to some simple SEO professional training purpose in doing so is to publish content in more effective when you can attract potential target customers.

For the optimization of content, which requires s to have a professional web site optimization knowledge, so that every page has a potential customer to produce. Do SEO optimization still need to adhere to, the search engine for quality content is mainly comparative advantage of inside information in the database, if the site's articles and others inside the article are some of the same characteristics as the words, then the search engine will determine whether the site is repeated The information included in this site will be for unfavorable.

Website optimization is a great need endurance to live, but also a very boring live, but as long as you stick with it, it will also a promising live.

7ways to promote
1, search engine optimization , Baidu, google optimization, for music, mp3 downloads, movies, games and other one, two, or even keyword optimization. Seo introduces many sites, will not repeat here presented.
2, network Abstract storage method, it has been doing the program will collectively own content to the network station pick again, and get tens of thousands of ip are very easy to do.

3, Link , Link is a good ip can get hundreds, if there is a connection at a good site, day that tens of thousands of ip are normal, while there is a role Links can get pr value, many stations are concerned about the value of google.
4, joined the chain system, a common chain and that several chains Taiji Qi Yun's. There are frequent popups Union, the site code into the appropriate chain of at least more than 30% can increase traffic.

5, Blog do flow method, each blog has registered an account, and then put the website address myself to propaganda put inside, and then write some articles have a search value, this method previously been used.Not only earned high pr, earn tens of thousands of daily ip lot of people.

6, malicious code, software, viral way to promote.

7, forced home, the effect is amazing, almost personal surge in traffic, this method works very well.Although suspected of malicious code, we eyes of the beholder.
8, mass tool, the effect is very low, except those in major stations of mass tool. That day that tens of thousands of ip or normal, such as Baidu Post Bar, West Lu, Sina , etc., bulk tools can only be of benefit pr value, some pr 6 there is a lot of garbage station is coming through this method.
9, mass mailings, technology is very much the way some websites send, send friends association can learn, mop, it used this. Relatively successful case columns. Bottom of the detail.
10, Qq blasts, software are more common approach, traffic is considerable.
11, a number of gaming sites, chat rooms, mass, many sites a little porn term, mass, mixed results.
12, some traffic cheat cheating earn world ranking method I will not say.
13, forum posts articles, perseverance, by this move, the Japanese won tens of thousands of ip is not difficult.
14, domain articles, and major stations of a similar domain name can be a daily or even thousands of thousands of ip's such as NetEase.
15, domain name search articles for keywords in domain name registration query can obtain high search engine rankings, which we know, it seems a bit beside the point which is something seo, and another day to write another article.
16, plaid articles: admire Chinese webmaster innovation capability, in a short time. Appeared different types of lattice station to a depletion of things, so you can make money, it was said to have been rampant, but we still bored, innovation and change very much. By grid station earn traffic. We still eyes of the beholder, but do grid station owners to earn a lot of money. What also lattice Union and the like, we can try.
17, the site of cooperation, a good site if not for strong cooperation can not grow, the bottom will introduce some methods.

Browse the web
User as much as possible to retain and attract users to visit a Web page, the following points should be noted:

Website Optimization

1, according to user habits as website design ;
2, the page must have a sense of hierarchy, to do what is necessary to highlight the text performance (example: bold, the text larger or color);
3, some of the news content or products, feel no need to put so much home, but want to let the user know that after that there are, it is best to add a more and put this to make a modification, let the user know and there things.
Navigation Design
Navigation is the most important part of the website, if no direction on the site, users will not use your browser's Web site.
1, the site's logo are generally in the top left of the site, that is the first thing a user browsing the Web will look out of place;
2, site navigation bar we should pay attention to the following questions.
Layout Optimization
If the site does not allow users to quickly find the content they need, then they would have to re-adjust the content structure of the site; allowing users quickly found himself looking for.
Updated frequently

Good website design will naturally attract users to view, but not long-term to allow users to access their website, in order to attract long-term users must rely on the content of the site to attract; so we must regularly update the site's content to make long-term users access.

A website is to allow users to experience, it depends on the practicality of this site; If the site no matter how well designed, the content is not very good, and that too many users still do not see; therefore, a good site to allow users at a glance you can see.
Some search engines (such as FAST ) is not supported by the frame structure, their "spider" does not recognize this page.
9related to
site syntax
Site syntax allows you to set the search scope to achieve a more precise search. For example, to find information about "Zhen Huan Chuan" content in Baidu Post Bar, you can use the "Zhen Huan Chuan site: com (.)" To search. This same intitle , inurl , essentially identical.
The number of results in these advanced syntax, and regular search, as are estimates of the number of results, not exact figures. Indexed site by grammar check website content is not able to serve as your site is high-quality reference. Very likely "number of results" site under reduced, but actually may increase the number of indexes.
Check your website how many pages have been indexed search engine, that is, as a result of the number of candidates for the search engines, we recommend query tool through the site index amount, which is relatively site data query syntax would be more accurate.
Hidden costs
Professional website optimization process, will be counted, including some hidden costs.
A market research costs
2, site maintenance costs
3, website promotion costs
10to enhance theing
Theoretically, want to improve the site keyword is as simple as the following four steps, you can achieve. For example, want to improve the "element Mall" keyword rankings.
1, Home Title title should contain "elements Mall" this keyword, the better the more forward position.
2, Home, and there should be more "Elements Mall" keyword,keyword density of 2% -8% is appropriate.
3, the exchange of high quality and high-quality website links, links with the main title of the best keywords. Is preferably in the form of a link -way links can be used to cross-link these methods.
4, in addition to exchange links , but also in some of the high weight of the forum, blog left outside the chain. For example, the element of community, you can in forum signatures, leaving outside the chain.
5, in addition to the construction of the chain, in the relevant site of the channel or the content page, you can also use the above method to increase internal links .seo china 10

Site Content
The actual content of the site is surfers network optimization is an important factor in strategy. If you want to browse the website surfers can get the front row in the search results in the viewer's Web site must have real content. Search engine spider is basically a blind. They can only be judged viewer web content viewer site quality , and not from the picture, the flash animation judgment. There are plenty of content to search engines index is a successful search engine optimization strategy of the basic needs of all the pages. It is easy to understand why a little difficult to discharge the contents of the site up. People looking for information, always hoping to find a lot of important information including the website. Naturally, rich web content site web content than those who have so rich website ranking is much better. Each optimized for their website site owners to keep in mind. Do not forget to update your browser's Web site. Whether it is a search engine or a visitor wants to see relatively new information. This is what does it mean? This requires the viewer to collect a lot of information, focused change in this area.

Keyword Density
Usually have hundreds of words on the page, then search engines and how to distinguish what is important words describing the website surfers do? Search engines will Statistical words a page viewer.Repeating words or phrases that are considered to occur more important. Search engines use their own algorithms to statistical importance of the viewer page of each word. The ratio of the number of key words and the page is called keyword density, which is a search engine optimization strategy the most important factor.
Website keyword density for the search engines have a certain impact zone, especially for website ranking Nagao word has a significant impact. So a site's keyword density should be controlled between 2% -8% more appropriate.

Click Popularity
Another factor that will affect your ranking in the search engines is to click on certain popularity in the search results, click on the number to connect to the web surfers will be statistical. Click on the popularity of the page is often clicked on high. When a visitor from the search results, click the viewer's website, the search engines reward sites in the future to the viewer a certain score. If the browser's Web site to get higher traffic, so visitors in the future to get more hits than those with lower scores website. Do not attempt to duplicate clicks surfers website, for the same IP of repeated clicks, the search engine will be removed. When once again re-login to the search engine will greatly affect the rankings. Search engines will think this is a worthless page. This is not a good optimization strategy.

Link Popularity
Link Popularity is considered to be a major factor in search engine optimization. Search engines will consider external website links more importance is relatively high. Not all links are fair, from a chain of high-quality sites will give visitors the site more points. Link text must include the viewer optimized keywords, it will also improve the site's ranking surfers.

Fallibility place
Optimization of a website for itself, the page titles accounted for a higher proportion of the wording.

seo china 8
Home Title wording:
1, the site name
General wording of the title of a large site, the station does not recommend the use of such titles written, unless the title contains the keywords.
2, the site name _ suffix "Site Name _ administrators have to look at the essence of finishing, knowledge sharing blog!"
3, the prefix _ site name "administrator had to look at the essence of finishing, knowledge sharing blog! _ Site Name"
1, so that more users to quickly find what he was looking for.
2, you can let the relevant keyword ranking, to meet customer needs.
3, so that there is a demand of people first find surfers.
4, providing search results rankings naturally increase credibility.
5, make your site ranked surfers natural forward, increase website traffic, promote website promotion and business development.
6, increasing the visibility of outstanding sites, enhance web development technologies.
7, more convenient and do not understand people who know little about the network or to the network to find the knowledge needed.
8, to promote the company image, the establishment of corporate reputation.
9, corporate outreach main window.
10, to achieve personalized search
Website ranking sudden disappearance
A website substantial revision, or replacement procedures.
2, within the chain and articles cheating
3, outside the chain of cheating (software mass outside the chain).
4, the web server instability.
5, sites often modify the title and description.
6, the station a lot of dead links, and so on.
7, the use of search engines that cheating ways.
The first step, the first station on the site to do the whole performance optimization (domain name space diagnostics, web access speed, the station SEO settings, UEO construction), that is, the station is optimized to enhance the user experience and the whole station search engine experience, lay the foundation for the site;
The second step, after the site to lay the foundation, started doing stand outside optimized to enhance the site in the major search engine promotion, enhance the reputation of the site keyword ranking strengthen promotion, the introduction of traffic;
The third step, the site keyword ranking can rise to the home, can get traffic, the weight also improved.So the third step to do is to maintain and continue to enhance the site weights to strengthen external promotional website, improve website bulk keyword ranking, website exposure, substantial introduction of traffic;
The fourth step is to start the precise keyword optimization, accurate flow introduced in large quantities on a keyword line is not the ultimate goal of this stage is not only to consider the introduction of traffic, but also to consider the introduction of accurate traffic and conversion, and therefore more accurate keywords need to dig through the ranks and word of mouth publicity and deliver precise traffic.
However, only in accordance with the above procedure to perform, is unable to ensure that the site in the network retriever in front of the position forever, because the market is a constantly changing ecosystem, require regular data analysis and results monitoring. Website optimization services advantages and advanced that it will market the entire network search engine rankings as a dynamic environment, relying on continuous monitoring and optimization results combined market changes, will adjust its strategy anytime, anywhere, in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuity stability.seo china 0
In simple SEO optimization services outside the site, each site according to practical considerations, the general will provide enterprises with some additional information publishing class value-added services. Such as creating a corresponding Baidu Encyclopedia information, create entries in the various Q & A site in order to strengthen the guidelines.